Bernard D. France

Mui Ne is a stretch of sand around a huge bay, just outside of the small town of Phan thiet, its really pretty, almost deserted, the waters are clear ..

Vanessa V. Australia

We had a lovely relaxing 10 days at Mui Ne. The weather was great (it has a micro-climate), the beach was lovely, but unfortunately the sea was not ..

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Doi Duong Beach

Doi Duong Beach
Doi Duong (Phan Thiet Beach). This is a lovely beach on the edge of Phan Thiet City. There is a wonderful cluster of local Vietnamese cafes, and several resorts, including the Novotel and Dunes Golf Club.

It is a popular spot for lovers to sit in the evenings.
Doi Duong beach located in the heart of Phan Thiet - 2km northeast from Ham Tan - Lagi. Doi Duong beach with white sand beaches and hills interspersed slant distance to the sea. Sea shallow, fine sand, sea calm, blue water, the natural environment here is very fresh.

If Ham Tien - Mui Ne is a private beach of the resort just for their guests, the Doi Duong is a public beach for the public.

The reason is called "Doi Duong" because it used to, this place is a large area trees planted fern trees to prevent wind. However, the current area planted fern has shrunk so much, by the construction (hotels, restaurants, cafes ...). Nowaday, the DoiDuong beach is just a place historical tourism of Phan Thiet.

However, Doi Duong remains a beautiful beach and has become a popular tourist destination city of Phan Thiet. Here, along the coast is a series of coffee shops under the tree fern, sitting here enjoy coffee in the afternoon, people feel comfortable with the sea breeze and ocean air.