Bernard D. France

Mui Ne is a stretch of sand around a huge bay, just outside of the small town of Phan thiet, its really pretty, almost deserted, the waters are clear ..

Vanessa V. Australia

We had a lovely relaxing 10 days at Mui Ne. The weather was great (it has a micro-climate), the beach was lovely, but unfortunately the sea was not ..

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Grottes de tam coc
Séjour formidable à la baie d'Halong terrestre Tam Coc
12 days in Vietnam
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Duc Thanh School

Duc Thanh School
Duc Thanh school was built in 1907 in response to  Duy Tan movement. It is located on Trung Nhi street, Duc Nghia ward - Phan Thiet city. Mr.Nguyen Trong Loi and Nguyen Quy Anh (two sons of Mr. Nguyen Thong, a patriotic poet)  established Duc Thanh school to broaden people’s intellectual standard and arouse national consciousness.
In 1910,  teacher Nguyen Tat Thanh (later president Ho Chi Minh) had come to Phan Thiet through Mr. Truong Gia Mo’s introduction. He had stopped his feet to teach at Duc Thanh school. At that time, there had been 6 teachers and about 60 students. Teacher Thanh mainly taught Vietnamese script and Chinese  in the second grade. Teacher Thanh took his students to Thuong Chanh beach, Lang Thieng carven, Duc Nghia temple ..... in extra-curricular or in free time.

In about February 1911, teacher Thanh left Duc Thanh school  for Sai Gon to find out the solution to save our country and  people. A few years later, Mr. Nguyen Trong Loi died, Mr. Nguyen Quy Anh moved to Sai Gon. Duc Thanh school was temporarily closed in 1912 because of many reasons. Duc Thanh school where Ho Chi Minh used to be a teacher was damaged and unused for long time.

After the liberation day of Binh Thuan province, our people have proposed to restore Duc Thanh school in order to express our gratitude to our beloved Uncle Ho and teach patriotic tradition to the young generations. From the year 1978 to 1980, the school was rebuilt in accordance with the memories of Ho Chi Minh’s  former students.  Ngu house was built in 1906 and since 1908 it has been used  as the students’ dormitory. It was also restored at the same time.  Ngoa Du Sao, -  Mr. Nguyen Thong’s house was built in 1880.  In the last years  of his life, Nguyen Thong stayed in this house and discussed work with the patriotic scholars. When teaching at Duc Thanh school, teacher Thanh often read books and prepared his lessons at Ngoa Du Sao. The house was also repaired. The well and carambola tree which are closely attached to the memories of teacher Thanh are preserved.

Besides Duc Thanh  historical vestige, the museum displaying objects relating to  Ho Chi Minh’s life and revolutionary activities was built  next to Ca Ty river and inaugurated in 1986. After 31 years of operation, Duc Thanh school has welcomed tens of million of people visiting and learning about the beloved Uncle Ho’s life when he taught in Phan Thiet. The vestige of Duc Thanh school has contributed to patriotic tradition education to the present and future’s  young generations.