Bernard D. France

Mui Ne is a stretch of sand around a huge bay, just outside of the small town of Phan thiet, its really pretty, almost deserted, the waters are clear ..

Vanessa V. Australia

We had a lovely relaxing 10 days at Mui Ne. The weather was great (it has a micro-climate), the beach was lovely, but unfortunately the sea was not ..

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Vietnam Cambodge 15 jours
@@link, relaxation, plage paradisiaque au Vietnam combiné des majestueux temples, monuments.
Voyage au vietnam 21 jours
@@link - Circuit complet pour la visite du Vietnam en 3 semaines avec la rencontre des minorités ethniques dans le Nord du Vietnam sans autant oublier le repos idéal sur l'une des belles plages à la fin du voyage.

Phan Thiet Harbor & Bridges

Phan Thiet Harbor & Bridges
Phan Thiet Harbor is packed with colorful fishing boats and a great place to get some pictures. The surrounding bridges and parks are best viewed at night with their colorful lights. The harbor is located at the mouth of the Ca Ty River, which runs through the middle of down-town Phan Thiet.
Phan Thiet Harbour is at the mouth of the Ca Ty River (formerly known as the Phan River). The harbour, with its hundreds of colourful fishing boats, is a delight for photographers. Also, check out the bridges and parks around the harbor, which are delightful, especially at night. Exploring the town’s many good shops and restaurants will occupy at least half a day.

Le Hong Phong Bridge over the Ca Ty River was inaugurated in December 2002. The Ca Ty River was previously known as the Phan River, but the name was changed when Phan Thiet became the provincial capitol. Upstream the river meets the Muong Man River. A cluster of 3 bridges crosses the river in downtown Phan Thiet, one of which was constructed by the American military which occupied Phan Thiet during the war.

Nearby is the memorial dedicated to Tran Hung Dao, Yet Kieu and Da Tuong at Tran Hung Dao Park on the northern bank of the beautiful Ca Ty River.