Bernard D. France

Mui Ne is a stretch of sand around a huge bay, just outside of the small town of Phan thiet, its really pretty, almost deserted, the waters are clear ..

Vanessa V. Australia

We had a lovely relaxing 10 days at Mui Ne. The weather was great (it has a micro-climate), the beach was lovely, but unfortunately the sea was not ..

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12 days in Vietnam
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Van Thuy Tu Temple

Van Thuy Tu Temple
The Van Thuy Tu Temple on Ngu Ong Street, Duc Thang ward is the oldest temple in Phan Thiet dedicated to whale worship. The temple was built in 1762, now containing over 100 whale skeletons and other strange species of fish, most of which are 100-150 years old. Most noteworthy is the 22 meter whale skeleton, which is estimated to have a weight of 65 tons when alive.
The temple was recognized as a national relic site in 1996.

Its architecture is in the shape of the letter "Tam", with its front side facing east. It was originally built near Van estuary on the coast. In the temple is a large burial ground for dead whales, once stranded on the shore. The whale god is believed to be a powerful spirit that can calm the waves and lead seafarers to shelter. He is known as ‘ngu ong’, which means ‘Mr. Whale’.

Living whales are revered as well. Local fishermen never hunt the large marine animals, which they regard as giant fish. The carcasses of whales that have died naturally are buried with great respect and complex ritualistic ceremonies. After three to five years, the bones are exhumed, shrouded and carried to the temple to be worshipped. Whale funerals always attract large crowds. The rituals are still practiced today.